Memorial Day Camo Jersey Auction

Proceeds to Benefit the WGU Indiana Scholarship Fund for Indiana National Guard Members


INDIANAPOLIS, May 30 — On Memorial Day at Victory Field, Indianapolis Indians players and coaches will honor, recognize and remember United States military service members by wearing special camouflage jerseys as part of a memorable evening that will benefit the WGU Indiana Scholarship Fund for Indiana National Guard members. The scholarship fund will receive the proceeds from an in-game, live online auction of the game-worn jerseys.

The auction is powered by Qtego and it isn’t required one be at Victory Field to bid. All that’s needed is a mobile phone. Qtego notifies participants via text message throughout the online auction so opportunities to bid, re-bid and outbid others aren’t missed. Below is registration information and bids will be accepted tonight through the 7th inning.

If you are at the game and need assistance, visit the bright orange Qtego display in center field’s PNC Plaza before the game and at the Standings & Lineup Board behind Section 109 after the game begins or simply register for the online auction by following the instructions below.

If not at the game remember that Indians home games are televised on Home Town Sports & News (HTSN), and all games are broadcast on FOX Sports 1260-AM, the iheartradio mobile app, and at

WGU Indiana is a private, non-profit online university established by the state of Indiana to expand access to higher education for Indiana residents. Formed by a partnership between the state and Western Governors University, the university offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Business, Information Technology, Teacher Education, and Health Professions, including Nursing. WGU’s mission is one of helping hardworking adults meet their educational goals and improve their career opportunities.

May 30 is the most recent of several special jersey auction nights at Victory Field. Last year $32,000 was raised from these auctions for Central Indiana non-profits.

1. Text “CAMO” to 79230 or
2. Call-in your bid(s) by dialing (877) 891-4752, or
3. Register online at 

Use the accompanying chart to determine the item number for your desired player. (Hint: Add 100 to the jersey number of the player to get the item number.) Text the item number AND your bid amount to 79230 (Example: To bid $100 for the Josh Bell jersey, text “118 100 to 79230).

Text the item number AND max bid amount AND the letter “M” to 79230. (Example: For a $500 max bid on Josh Bell’s jersey, text “118 500 m” to 79230).

Text the item number to 79230 or watch the current bidding on all jerseys here: 

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