BIE 006The book has closed on another Baseball-in-Education season for the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field. In 2015 the Tribe accommodated over 20,000 students, teachers and chaperones over the four games which welcomed students of all levels – kindergarten to high school. The curriculum-based field trip is an ideal interactive learning environment and test student’s in English, Math, History and Science.

Within an industry known for its unique promotions, the Indians’ BIE series continues to be one of the Tribe’s best draws, and for good reason.

“It’s always been favorable to our students and staff,” Franklin Central High School Principal Kevin Koers said. “It helps the students take what they have learned and apply it to real life situations outside of the classroom – our kids thoroughly enjoy it.”

For these games, the 14,200-seat ballpark becomes the largest classroom in Indiana with students, teachers, and parents eagerly connecting the dots between education and baseball. Students receive an in-game educational workbook; the answers are found throughout the ballpark, by following the game action and on the video replay board between innings. The educational goal of BIE is to provide an unique learning expeience that not only excites the kids but provides added depth and perspective to what they are learning.

BIE 5-12 009

An article written in by Michelle Kulas noted that (educational) field trips results in higher success rates in all subjects. The reason being is that students can see the real-life application of the lessons they are learning in school, leading children to be more likely to understand the importance and relevance of what they are learning. An interesting article in The Washington Post  sheds additional light on the many benefits field trips have on students.

“There’s educational value learning the statistical scoring and history of the game, we spend a couple of weeks on stats before we come to the ballpark,” Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy employee Ronnie Reiss said. “The kids love the environment and, after all, baseball is part of our nation’s fabric.”

The Indians hope to see your school next year.

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