D(ecision)Day: Rule 5 Draft


*Update (11/20): 40-man roster additions included: Elias Diaz (C),
Pedro Florimon (OF), Wily Garcia (OF), Nick Kingham (RHP) & Jameson Taillon (RHP).

[Nov. 19, 2014]
D-Day, in the baseball sense, is today.

That’s ‘D’ for ‘decision,’ as in all 30 Major League clubs have until midnight to decide which eligible players will be included on the 40-man roster as protection from next month’s Rule 5 draft.

Rule 5 eligible players who are not listed on the 40-man roster are considered “unprotected” or “exposed,” and can be drafted away from their current team by opposing ballclubs. Currently at-risk? How about Nick Kingham and Elias Diaz.

Of course, there’s also a catch –

Rule 5 draft selections cost the acquiring team $50,000, and the draftee must remain on his new team’s active, 25-man roster throughout the entirety of the upcoming season (disabled list time excepted). Any Rule 5 selection who is removed from the active roster before the cutoff date is offered back to their original team for $25,000.

Still following?

Good, because there’s more.

Professional tenure, not playing time, determines draft eligibility.

In Pirates-speak, the distinction means if top pitching prospect, Jameson Taillon, is left unprotected, he can be selected by other teams because a season on the disabled list still qualifies as a year of professional tenure. Taillon is part of a list surprisingly full of relatively high-profile prospects to have Rule 5 eligibility, all of whom qualify under one of these conditions:

  1. Signed at age 19 or older, with four years of professional experience
  2. Signed at age 18, with five years of professional experience

In general, this year’s class of first-time eligible players consists of international signings from 2010, high school players from the 2010 MLB Draft and college players from the 2011 MLB Draft. Along with Taillon, who was originally selected out of The Woodlands High School in the 2010 MLB Draft, other Tribe players in the Pirates organization to qualify for the draft are: (*= first-time eligible)

Elias Diaz (C)
*Nick Kingham (RHP)
Brad Lincoln (RHP)
A.J. Morris (RHP)
Andy Oliver (LHP)
Mel Rojas (OF)
Jose Tabata (OF)
*Jameson Taillon (RHP)
Tyler Waldron (RHP)

The Pittsburgh Pirates currently have two slots available on the 40-man roster. But as Pirates MLB.com reporter, Tom Singer, suggests, Diaz and Taillon are both likely locked into the final two roster spots. This leaves several key names still on the board (full list below) with an already full 40-man roster, and only 12 hours remaining until the midnight deadline.

It’s Decision Day — Pittsburgh and its 29 fellow Major League clubs are on the clock.

Full List of Rule 5 Eligible Players (courtesy Pirates Prospects)

Stetson Allie
Nathan Baker
Collin Balester
Yhonathan Barrios
Ryan Beckman
Jeremy Bleich
Kelson Brown
Keon Broxton
Christopher De Leon
Elias Diaz
Zack Dodson
Kawika Emsley-Pai
Raul Fortunato
Felipe Gonzalez
Walker Gourley
Deolis Guerra
Justin Howard
Jeffrey Inman
Brad Lincoln
Drew Maggi
Marek Minarik
Joan Montero
Yunior Montero
A.J. Morris
Dovydas Neverauskas
Gift Ngoepe
Gustavo Nunez
Andy Oliver
Clario Perez
Ashley Ponce
Mel Rojas
Tyler Sample
Rinku Singh
Junior Sosa
Josh Stinson
Jose Tabata
Zack Von Rosenberg
Tyler Waldron
Blake Wood
Matt Benedict
Orlando Castro
Jason Creasy
Melvin Del Rosario
Miguel Ferreras
Dan Gamache
Willy Garcia
Deybi Garcia
Ryan Hafner
Nick Kingham
Jared LaKind
Taylor Lewis
Jhondaniel Medina
Ulises Montilla
Edgardo Munoz
Jose Osuna
Jose Regalado
Maximo Rivera
Oderman Rocha
Carlos Ruiz
Isaac Sanchez
Jonathan Schwind
Jameson Taillon
Bryton Trepagnier
Luis Urena


























**More Rule 5 Specifics

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