Recap (8/10): Indians 10, Red Wings 0

Official Box Score


Postgame Quotes: RHP Gerrit Cole:

(on how he felt after his start)
“I feel good. Everything went as planned and I’m pleased. (The start) went well, but still have some work ahead of us. Next step is tomorrow and keep going.”

“My command was pretty good, for the most part. I mixed all four pitches and pitched to contact pretty well.”

(on the goal of his last start compared to Sunday’s outing)
“I think the goal on Tuesday was just to get to the pitch count and the number of outs. Today was a little more game oriented. Pitching to contact on all four pitches and moving the ball.”

(on feeling any limitations)
No. [I was able to focus on] Just going out and getting outs.

Postgame Quotes: Manager Dean Treanor

(on his overall impressions of Cole’s start)
“I really liked his angles today and that’s what I really look for, which means he’s working over the ball. You saw more balls down in the zone today with a better angle, as opposed to maybe getting underneath the ball a little bit or getting a little ahead of himself and pushing the ball. We did not see that at all today.”

(On Cole finishing with a 95 MPH fastball)
“He wasn’t tied down to [any limitations] today. What was good is when he felt he needed some velocity, he was able to ramp it up a little bit and he had the ‘OK’ to do that today. I’m sure there was more in the tank. That was a good sign.”


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