Front Office Fridays

Chris ScherrerChris-Scherrer_2008

ARAMARK General Manager

Fast Facts:

  • 14th year with Indianapolis Indians
  • 14th year in Professional Sports
  • Has played guitar for over 20 years and was a member of multiple bands throughout high school and college

“It’s great to be part of a team that truly has a passion for the product that they deliver to their fans both on or off the field.”

ARAMARK Offseason:

Concession “Winterization”

After the Indians wrap up their season, Chris Scherrer’s first priority is to shut down all of Victory Field’s concession areas and help prepare the stadium for both weather and temperature changes of an Indiana winter. The process, which typically takes around a month to complete, involves updating ARAMARK’s inventory of concession items, cleaning the equipment and working with companies such as Pepsi and Coors to prepare beverage lines in an adjustment for the upcoming winter.

Bungalow-June 12 032

Chris Says:
“The Indians like to work far in advance with preventative maintenance, which is a great way of looking at things.”

Create New Menu Items and Concession Concepts

The Indians aim to stay at the forefront of concession concepts, and that stems largely from function with their unique partnership with ARAMARK. In addition to great baseball, Victory Field has a lot of appetizing food options to offer their fans, and they’ve helped pioneer the concessions concepts of Build-A-Burger and Mexican Cantina within the game of baseball. Scherrer and his staff pride themselves on their successful innovations, and maintain such an impressive track record by working around the clock to create new components for Victory Field’s concessions items.

Late-August 232

Chris Says:
“We have this blessing that everything has worked relatively well for us, which lets us focus on putting the best product out there to enhance the fans’ experience.”

NonProfit Partnerships

Another task  Scherrer tackles during the offseason is renewing concession partnerships with nonprofit organizations. These partnerships are activated during the baseball season to allow nonprofits to work at Victory Field, while earning compensation with the commission of their respective concession sales. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that, in-turn, helps the  Indians provide top quality service at each of their concession areas.

July 19 005

Chris Says:
“We now have upwards of 30 organizations that participate with us. Last year we were able to give nearly $300, 000 to nonprofit groups through this program.”

Network with Regional Venues

As ARAMARK’s General Manager, Scherrer is in charge of traveling to regional sporting venues to both learn and exchange different practices to continually improve the Indians’ concessions. Sherrer is able to survey football, basketball, and baseball venues throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, and is constantly learning about different menu trends and concepts to potentially implement at Victory Field.


Chris Says:
“There is a lot of learning from traveling, something that works in one city might not work everywhere else.”

Capital Projects

One of the unique aspects of Chris Scherrer’s job is that he’s able to use his experiences from visiting regional venues and planning new concession concepts, to help create Victory Field’s next capital investment project. From utilizing Victory Field as a year-round venue for concerts and conventions, to creating a new concession area much like The Cove or Cantina, Scherrer is constantly looking for ways to make Victory Field a one-of-a-kind venue.

Picture 043

Chris Says:
“The Indians have done a great job of updating their infrastructure to the next level. They’re always up-to-date on technology, which gives ARAMARK a great opportunity to create new concepts for the fans.”

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