Front Office Fridays

Allan DanehyAllan Danehy

Stadium Maintenance Manager

Fast Facts:

  • 14th year with Indianapolis Indians
  • 14th year in Professional Sports
  • Secretary of the Midwest Motorcycle Club and assists with Damar Services charity fundraisers for children and adults with mental disabilities

“The best part of working here is walking around the park during a game, seeing the fans having fun and knowing that you had a part in making that happen.”

Facilities Department Offseason:

Stadium Repairs

A big priority for Allan and the facilities department during this time of year is to repair the wear and tear of the stadium from a long baseball season. Time-consuming projects, such as the remodeling of dugouts, keep Danehy and his staff busy by providing a wide range of tasks to tackle in the offseason.

Indians Dugout

Allan says:
“The variety is why I enjoy this. I enjoy it because you’re never doing the same thing every day. Sometimes I could be painting and the next day I’ll be doing a ton of electrical work. You name it, and we’re doing it.”


“Winterization” and Suite Repairs

Immediately after the Indians wrap up their season, the facilities department focuses on shutting down Victory Fields’ water system in preparation for winter. Once the the stadium is prepared for the cold months, Danehy and his staff move their attention indoors where provide touch-ups and upgrades to nearly 95 percent of the Indians’ Luxury Suites.

Indians Suite

Allan says:
“It takes us at least a month to get everything shut down after the season. It would be a disaster if something froze, especially with as cold as it’s been this year, so you have to make sure everything’s done properly.”

Aramark Budget

In 2008, the Indians started a unique venture with their concessions partner ARAMARK to create a fund that can be used for repairs to Victory Field’s facilities.  One of Danehy’s offseason duties is managing the fund’s maintenance budget, an important responsibility that ultimately helps Victory Field maintain its reputation as one of the best ballparks in Minor League Baseball.

Victory Field

Allan says:
“It’s unusual because most places don’t have that kind of partnership, but it’s worked out great here with the Indians. [The fund] helps cut down on costs enormously and allows our staff to stay on top of things.”

Concession Maintenance 

One of the more unique aspects of the Indians’ relationship with ARAMARK is the crossover between both parties. During the offseason, this “shared ownership” between ARAMARK and the Tribe creates the opportunity for the facilities department to maintain and repair the concessions at Victory Field. This year, Danehy and his staff have worked on revamping the suite kitchens to make ARAMARK’s game-day preparations run more efficiently, which in-turn will, ideally, improve the overall fan experience at Indians games.

Suite Kitchens

Allan says:
“If I can fix it, I will. We make close to 98 percent of the repairs to concessions, which is a neat and unique situation that helps keep [facilities] budget costs low.”

Departmental Trades

The Indians rely on trade-partnerships with companies such as Porter Paints and Train to help maintain a fully-stocked inventory. Many of these trade-partnerships have remained the same since Victory Field opened in 1996, which presents Danehy with the responsibility of renewing his department’s contracts.

September 003

Allan says:
“We have trades with many great places. Usually, we’ll trade tickets or box seats because both our department and our partners enjoy that type of trade. It really is a great relationship.”

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