Day 6: Wheeler Mission

For the first 25 days in December, the Indians will highlight one community partner
organization and how you can give back this holiday season.

Wheeler Mission

“For the first time in my life, I have joy.” That’s what a 55-year-old guest told me recently. She said it is because she is free from drugs controlling her life from the time she awoke until she fell into her disordered sleeping patterns.

Now, her day is ordered as she attends classes and transitions into a job. Her children have remarked to her that they have never seen her so content, and her pastor is encouraged by her faithful attendance and service at church. She has been clean and sober for almost two years now, and her future holds promise.

This guest has told me more than once that she never realized there was more to life until she came to Wheeler Mission and heard about God’s love for her. She says she lived her entire life thinking that the addicted lifestyle was her only option. Now – peace and joy mark of her life because the “joy of the Lord is her strength.”



Wheeler Mission

09-05 Wheeler Mission Ministries

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