From the Desk of Rowdie: Vote for me!

“R-O-W-D-I-E, That’s the way you spell ROWDIE, ROWDIE! Let’s get Rowdie!”

That’s my favorite cheer, because it pumps up the crowd and teaches fans how to spell my name!

You could say the game is a part of me — literally, my nose is a baseball! I visit schools, take players out in the community and I’ve even starred in my own health and fitness musical.

At the ballpark, you can bet I’ll do my best to make sure you’re having a good time. I’m here to make sure the time you spend at Victory Field is the best part of your summer.

Right now, I’m facing off against Lou E. Loon, the mascot for the Great Lake Loons, to be named The Best Mascot in Minor League Baseball.

Lou E. Loon might just sit on his perch during the games, while I throw T-shirts, sign autographs and take pictures with my fans.

The voting for Round One continues through Tuesday, May 29. Five additional rounds will follow before the fans’ choice as the “Best Mascot in Minor League Baseball” is crowned on Tuesday, June 19.

Cast your vote now at

One thought on “From the Desk of Rowdie: Vote for me!

  1. Rowdie is THE BEST mascot in the World!! He knows how shake his groove thang! He makes every attempt to welcome every child that comes along! How can you not just love that BASEBALL NOSE! R~O~W~D~I~E is number in our household!

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