From Rowdie, With Love

February 14, 2012

Yesterday, I was suffering from a bit of writer’s block.

You see, I’ve had my eye on this polar bear at The Indianapolis Zoo for quite a while and I wanted to make her a really great Valentine’s Day card to show her how I feel.

I did what any savvy bear with thousands of friends would do, I went to social media to ask for your help.

What great writers you all are!  I got some really great suggestions on what to say on my card.

Some of my favorites on Facebook included:

“I only have ice for you” – Jeff P.

“It might be cold in that water but you’re hot!” – Liz E.

And on Twitter, I got even more great suggestions like, “You melt my heart faster than global warming is melting the ice caps!!!”

I received video clips and dinner date suggestions.  Thank you all for helping me out with my special project.

Now… the big reveal.

Here’s the card I made her for today:

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