Day 13 of 25 Days of Giving: Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

Each day, for 25 days during the month of December, the Indians will highlight one community partner organization and how you can give back this holiday season. For more information, visit the 25 Days of Giving main post.

Day 13: Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis is delievering programs to more than 60 local partners

A gift of $25 provides pencils, scissors and magazines to inspire greater Indianapolis girls to be strong, smart & bold!

As a volunteer for Girls Inc., I’ve been able to see the impact that Girls Inc. programming has on girls in the Indianapolis area firsthand.

I grew up at a time when girls knew that we could be anything we wanted to be.  Doctor, lawyer, mathematician; we could be anything we wanted to be, and our parents and teachers were sure to tell us this.  I grew up at a time when women graduated without the limits that existed in previous years. What was missing though, for my generation, were the tools and skills to find out how to become anything we could dream and access to role models of women who had become what they dreamed of being.

Girls Inc. completes both of those missing links for girls in the greater Indianapolis area.  The organization goes to the girls in their schools and community centers to provide programming that teaches fundamental skills of teamwork, strength and inner beauty.  They help girls grow up to be strong, smart, and bold.

Girls Inc. participant plays surgeon to learn anatomy

Not only do they provide those skill-building lessons, but they also have successful, strong women teach the programs to the girls, providing girls direct access to professionals in every career imaginable.  They host “Lunch Bunch” programs aimed at connecting girls to career-oriented women.  They host summer camps aimed at opening up science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers and much more.  Throughout the year they also place women in the classroom to lead programs.

Women from all areas of life, moms, teachers, students and professionals, pair up to lead one-hour sessions to girls once a week for six weeks.  Volunteers use the interactive tools and curriculum provided by Girls Inc. to share lessons and build character. These programs allow the girls to learn skills in a unique setting, often different from regular school classes.

In a session this fall, my co-leader and I were “checking-in” with the girls to see what was going on in their lives and classrooms.  Two of the girls that day, in different grades and classes, were both sharing how much they disliked school.  Within ten minutes, though, each girl was transformed into what can only be described as a model pupil in our “classroom” setting.  They nearly fell over with excitement over whose turn it was to read out loud from the board, who had the answer to the question and the activity we were doing.

Girls Inc. campers demonstrate how to stay safe

That is the reward for volunteering with Girls Inc.  Both myself and my co-leader knew in that class that along with the lesson for that day, we had helped to show the girls success in a classroom setting, which just maybe would translate into regular school, too.

Girls Inc. needs several things to keep growing and reaching the girls of greater Indianapolis.  They need volunteers, but they also need monetary donations to fund programs and supplies.  A gift of $25 provides pencils, scissors and magazines to inspire greater Indianapolis girls to be strong, smart & bold.  Please consider donating your time or treasure today.

By: Diana Nolting, Marketing Manager for the Indianapolis Indians

2 thoughts on “Day 13 of 25 Days of Giving: Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

  1. Diana, we are so grateful for your wonderful volunteer efforts with girls! Many thanks to you–and to our Indians– for helping us to tell our story of girl empowerment to others in the community. Your Inside Pitch is right on target!!

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