Interns can’t live on peanuts alone… Slider trio edition







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I always feel bad for the
ushers at Victory Field patrolling sections 103, 104 and 105.  When the wind blows in from left field, the
sweet aroma bellowing out of the Captain Morgan Cove can stop a grown man in
his tracks – especially a hungry one. 

A few weeks ago, we uploaded
a food-tasting post sampling the Cove’s new Shish KeDOG.  This homestand, I had a go at a fresh trio of

I order my tray of
Sliders.  One beef, one BBQ pork and one
BBQ chicken. 

I look at my tray of
food.  Which one to start with?  Though I’m trying to stay unbiased through
the whole process, I’m instantly judging how each one would taste without even
trying them.  The BBQ pork and chicken
have a sweet but tangy smell to them.
The beef smells savory; right off the grill. 

I take the plunge starting
with the BBQ pork.  The line-up consists
of BBQ pork, a pickle and coleslaw all on a toasted bun.  Now, I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve never
been a fan of pickles on sandwiches.  My
heart drops just a bit when I see the server slap one on each slider.  Inside, I’m yelling, “STOP!  NO!”
But I recompose.  I figure
omitting any of the ingredients would not only be cheating all of you, but also
cheating myself for not taking the slider as it’s meant to be eaten.

Food 2.jpg

The sweetness of the BBQ
complements the tang of pickle and coleslaw so well.  It reminds me of my brother-in-law’s homemade
BBQ sauce he makes from scratch back home.
My plunge into the BBQ pork slider, complete with coleslaw and pickle,
is one I’d like to take in the future.

Here’s the BBQ chicken.  I figure the chicken will be the better of
the two (again, judging the sandwich before I taste it) and as much as I loved
the pork, I figure the chicken will be that much better!  Here’s how it stacked up: bottom bun, BBQ
pork, lettuce, pickle and then top bun.
I take a bite.

To my surprise, I’d have to
go back to the pork.  While the chicken
is very good and very flavorful, the pork remains my favorite of the two.  Perhaps I was a little premature in judgment
and it tainted my feelings toward chicken.
But you’ll have to be the judge of that one for yourself.

Food 3.jpg

I finish with the Angus beef
slider which looks absolutely wonderful.
It looks like it will just melt in your mouth.  I just experienced two separate explosions of
flavor in my mouth, now I’m looking so ease into a nice savory flavor to settle
the senses.

I’m a beef kind of guy, so
of all three sliders, I’m looking forward to the Angus the most. 

The beef was a good finale
and nothing says summer better like an all-beef slider at the best minor league
ballpark in America.  That said, it’s not the pork.

If you’re at the ballpark
and you want me to recommend you a tray of sliders, go with the BBQ pork.  Please, try all three, but you may find
yourself coming back to the pork.

I’m no food connoisseur, but
I know when I taste a good sandwich.
There’s a lot I need to try at the Captain Morgan Cove, but I’ve started
with a full plate – a tray full of sliders.

About the Slider trio
The Slider trio is a menu
item available exclusively at the Captain Morgan Cove.  Although the Cove itself is restricted to
fans ages 21 and older, its menu items are available to guests of all ages at the northern most point
on the concourse side. 

The Sliders are available
for $8 and come as a set of three.
Guests have their choice of beef, BBQ pork and chicken and may get all
three Sliders the same or mix and match.

About the Captain Morgan Cove  The Captain Morgan Cove provides fans an entirely new Baseball Up Close
experience with field-level premium seating.  

The luxury area offers a full bar, including wine, spirits, Indiana craft beers on tap and a selection
of specialty drinks. Wait service is available to ticketed guests in the
premium seating area.

Tickets in this area are limited to those ages 21 and over, with an ID.
Purchase tickets at

By: Adam Pintar

One thought on “Interns can’t live on peanuts alone… Slider trio edition

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