Annual Shareholder’s Meeting Gives Stakeholders a Glimpse

With the season drawing near, the Indians hosted their
annual shareholders meeting on Monday, February 7 and today, even though you
may not be a shareholder yourself, you’ll get an inside look at why the Indians
are so excited about this 125th season of professional baseball in

This year marks a milestone in several different ways.  Not only is this the 125th
consecutive season of professional baseball in Indianapolis, but it will also be the 36th
straight season the ballclub turns a profit. 
As Vice President and Treasurer of the Board Alan Kimbell said in his
financial report, the organization is very healthy and there’s no reason to
think it won’t stay that way.

More immediate to fans is the addition of Captain Morgan’s
Cove; that is, if you haven’t heard already. 
There’s quite a buzz about the new premium seating section and left field bar that will replace sections 101 and 102. 
While Victory Field will always be known for affordable family
entertainment, the Cove offers a place for older fans to kick back and relax at
the ballpark after a hard day’s work.

As the meeting drew to a close, it was obvious that both
staff and shareholders were excited about the state of the Indians and what’s
next on the horizon.  President and
Chairman of the Board Max Schumacher fielded questions about future
affiliations, talking with the city about renewing the stadium lease and the
outstanding upkeep and maintenance of the ballpark.

While the Indians can’t necessarily control the team they
put on the field, they can ensure that the experience the fan has at the ballpark
will keep them packing the stadium for more. 
It’s something the organization has strived to do for years and for at
least 35 years straight, it’s been doing it successfully.

By:  Adam Pintar

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