Groundhog’s Week – by K. Vick

So somehow I
included more philosophical rhetoric in that first entry than I was prepared to
do.  Moving forward I’m looking to keep these a little more meat and
potatoes, and with any luck uncover a theme and purpose to my posts. 

My esteemed
colleague who generally remains anonymous (we’ll call him Chad) has both spawned and stabilized this successful Indianapolis Indians Ticket
Blog since early last year, educating readers with valuable content and
need-to-know about special offers, cheap packages, game-day FAQs and the
like.  Though I really don’t have a literary style of my own, I’ll make no
attempt to infringe upon his.  Chad gets to the point, and is by
nature clear-spoken, orderly, neat, and always perfectly groomed.  If you
haven’t purchased anything from him before, I suggest you do.  It’s worth
the experience. 

Similarly, our
website also boasts the written word of radio
broadcaster Scott McCaule
, whose northern Ohio charm and colorful articulation also
make him a talented ticket sales rep when he has the time and, more accurately,
the inclination.  Scott engineers an Indians-based blog of his own,
entitled Is This Thing On.  Through this, he
chronicles life in and out of baseball clubhouses, giving first hand narrative
of the player personnel theater that ensues.  For those most interested in
who’s in uniform, when they’re in uniform, and why they’re in uniform, do
yourself a favor and read his blog. 

Admittedly my
knowledge of the Tribe players is on par with that of our average Knot Hole member – I know some names, I know some
faces, I rarely can connect the two.  So henceforth my blog offerings will
report on the What else is going on around the ballpark. Things you
don’t need to know as much as where to park on
or what former All-Star will be here with a visiting team, but rather tidbits that will help your
appreciation and attention to our detail become more acute.  I’ll disclose
some behind the scenes action of life in the Minor League front offices, and
what goes into getting the stadium game-ready by Opening Day in two

Stay tuned, and see below what our Left Field construction project looks like presently.  I realize I once
again failed to tell you about this before I both ran out of brain power as well as
exhausted your attention span.  I’ll stay more focused next


Feb 3 #2.jpg

Till then, take a
look at our Flex Plan books with undated
ticket vouchers while you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts. 
Seriously.  They may not sound romantic, but consider that each Flex Plan
provides you up to 10 date nights with your loved one, all in one small
red-coated package.  What’s more tender and loving than that?


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