Groundhog’s Week – by K. Vick

So somehow I
included more philosophical rhetoric in that first entry than I was prepared to
do.  Moving forward I’m looking to keep these a little more meat and
potatoes, and with any luck uncover a theme and purpose to my posts. 

But the grand old tag that has echoed to baseball purists
for generations – Pitchers
and Catchers Report
– will in fact occur within the next four agonizing
weeks.  To those who really experience
baseball at its core, there’s no more telling of a sign that the temperature
will indeed warm, the grass will indeed green, and we will soon be safe to go
outside once again, than when battery mates from around the western hemisphere
gather together in the south to start playing catch with their old
friends.  And at the risk of sounding too
Terence Mann I apologize, but the imagery of sitting
short-sleaved on a perfect afternoon at the ballpark is enough to give people
hope and comfort that better times are ahead. 

Now that the feel-good fluff is out of my system, let me
connect this anticipation to your hometown Victory Field.  The grass here is mysteriously 3-4 shades
greener than yours right now.  At first
glance it appears we’re just a few chalk lines away from being game-ready.  A closer look does reveal the seats need dusting,
the outfield wall-pads need cleaned and the infield dirt doesn’t have quite the
same luster as it will soon. 

LF bar2.JPG

A panoramic scan around the stadium’s interior shows a
handful of caution zones, where our skilled maintenance men and contractors do
some patch-up work.  And what you likely
won’t ever notice are the steel beams and trusses that will get a fresh coat of
green paint, the concourse that will see a complete resurfacing, the warning
track that will be re-graded, all to make sure you continue to forget that the
ballpark is already 15 years old. 

LF bar1.JPG

Consider this
paragraph a teaser
, with more
details forthcoming.  Currently the ballpark’s
most noticeable strips of yellow tape cordon off a large zone in the Left Field
corner of the seating bowl, which emits increasing sounds of jackhammers each
day.  Incidentally, I’m told Blogs are
supposed to stay concise, and this maiden plunge of mine is likely pushing

 limits.  So for brevity’s sake,
I’ll save the reveal for a later entry.  Till
then, think of more pleasant days ahead and be sure to watch Bull
at least once in the next two months to prepare your mind and body
for what’s awaiting, just around the corner.

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